Compact System Kit

It is equipped with vacuum tubes direct flow of high performance in order to enable the system to take full advantages:

Building site and therefore its performance is 50% higher than that obtained with plate collectors because:

1. Elimination of losses by convection and conduction, through the vacuum system, and there are no systems plate.

2. The use of both direct diffuse radiation, the environment and on the back of the facility, thanks to the cylindrical geometry of the tubes

3. The almost complete absorption of shortwave radiation allows triple coating of titanium oxide in the tubes direct flow vacuum.

The system allows rapid production of hot water as it starts working within 2 minutes of sun exposure, getting their best performance in a time less than 10 minutes, and getting the water temperature inside the tank rises by 10 o C in 30 minutes under the direct solar radiation.

Greater impact resistance, by applying a system of tubes hardened borosilicate glass makes them particularly resistant to breakage and can withstand impact from hail of 35 mm thick.

Resistance to extreme working conditions can function normally causes including:

1. In areas with very cold climates, since the tubes can work at temperatures up to – 50° C.

2. In case of breakage or malfunction of one of the tubes.
3. In the process of maintenance replacement of one of the tubes.

For this heater systems are used vacuum tubes, within which is the absorbing surface. They are fitted with a vacuum chamber in the tube walls to minimize heat loss to the atmosphere.

The inner tube

It is covered with aluminum nitrate which has excellent heat absorption capacity and preventing escape of radiation and significantly reducing radiation losses.

The cylindrical geometry of the tube

Has the advantage of being able to take direct radiation from the sun, and diffuse radiation in the environment, on the back of the facility, and encourages a better

grasp of the radiation at first and last evening and for days too cloudy.

The vacuum

To control the vacuum of sufficient quality in the manufacturing process at the bottom of the vacuum tube integrating the “barium getter,” which sets out the process at high temperatures which causes the bottom of the tube is covered of the clear layer of barium.

This layer actively absorbs CO, CO2, N2, O2, H2O and H2 that come out of the tube during the casting process. This will form a vacuum. The transparent layer of barium indicates the tube is actually in good quality.
The silvery white tube signal would have been damaged and have lost vacuum.