Minimum visual impact. Allows vertical and horizontal integration in the housing structure

Optimum Orientation. The tubes can be rotated 360 degrees allowing their free individual orientation

Easy installation, fast and simple maintenance. Replacing the tubes without stopping the system operation.

Minor installation surface. Their efficiency reduces the number of collectors used.

High performance. Heat the water for longer hours, the system also works in the early morning and late afternoon, even oncloudy days and low temperatures.

High resistance. Resist hail shocks of up to 25mm

Durability. The vacuum tubes, without water inside allow complete isolation of the components

Switchboard completely user-programmable
Automatically controls the temperature in the tank between 0 o C and 99 o C. Controls the temperature of the collector and auxiliary support system. Protec the system from freezing
Automatic anti frost movement.
Stainless steel tank provided with internal tank without soldering.
Porcelain interior coating alloy of silicon.
Thermal insulation of high density polyurethane.
Pressure control through safety valves.
Automatic overheating. Equipped with magnesium anode protection.
Pump 3-speed wet rotor.
Housing with cataphoresis protection. Does not require engine protection. Temperature between -10 o C and 110 o C.